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DSK Alternative
DSK Stability - German equities
DSK Stability - European equities
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Prospectus  - The document is available only in Bulgarian

Rules of the Fund (PDF, 1050KB)

Valuation Rules of the Portfolio and for Determination of the Net Asset Value of the Fund (PDF, 391KB)

Risk Valuation and Management Rules of the Fund (PDF, 641KB)


DSK Mutual Funds
Net Asset Value per Unit
DSK StandardBGN1.58488
DSK Euro ActiveEUR1.21909
DSK BalanceBGN1.11461
DSK Global Defensive CompaniesBGN0.80820
DSK GrowthBGN0.76448
DSK Global CompaniesBGN0.91549
DSK DynamicsBGN0.90696
DSK Stability - European equtiesBGN1.21953
DSK Stability - German EquitiesBGN1.11286
DSK Alternative 1BGN1.03285
DSK Alternative 2EUR1.02933
DSK AlternativeBGN1.03810

Net Asset Value
DSK StandardBGN61,250,188.38
DSK Euro ActiveEUR10,710,200.65
DSK BalanceBGN10,142,147.27
DSK Global Defensive CompaniesBGN654,377.57
DSK GrowthBGN12,192,497.76
DSK Global CompaniesBGN4,991,119.77
DSK DynamicsBGN2,191,142.63
DSK Stability - European equtiesBGN5,898,643.18
DSK Stability - German EquitiesBGN5,658,462.59
DSK Alternative 1BGN30,330,107.28
DSK Alternative 2EUR3,799,709.42
DSK AlternativeBGN5,922,381.79

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