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Although the fund seeks to preserve the value of their investments, investors should be aware that the Mutual Fund units’ price (net asset value per unit) may depreciate. Profit on the investments is not guaranteed and there is risk that investors may not recover the full value of their investments. An investment in mutual fund is not insured or guaranteed by Guarantee Fund or in any other way. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
The prospectus and rules of the Mutual Funds, managed by “DSK Asset Management Company” AD are available for visitors on this web page.

DSK Mutual Funds
Net Asset Value per Unit
DSK StandardBGN1.55518
DSK Euro ActiveEUR1.19467
DSK BalanceBGN1.11337
DSK Global Defensive CompaniesBGN0.80715
DSK GrowthBGN0.77217
DSK Global CompaniesBGN0.87570
DSK DynamicsBGN0.88357
DSK Stability - European equtiesBGN1.18061
DSK Stability - German EquitiesBGN1.06732
DSK Alternative 1BGN1.02121
DSK Alternative 2EUR1.01664
DSK AlternativeBGN1.02613

Net Asset Value
DSK StandardBGN58,313,372.07
DSK Euro ActiveEUR10,196,633.99
DSK BalanceBGN10,138,945.98
DSK Global Defensive CompaniesBGN621,976.35
DSK GrowthBGN12,180,633.05
DSK Global CompaniesBGN4,657,531.83
DSK DynamicsBGN2,260,667.21
DSK Stability - European equtiesBGN5,721,136.89
DSK Stability - German EquitiesBGN5,443,168.69
DSK Alternative 1BGN30,931,593.71
DSK Alternative 2EUR4,660,540.31
DSK AlternativeBGN6,379,356.97

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