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Transitional period of MF "DSK Stability - European equities"

In connection with the activities of the Fund "DSK Stability - European equities" we would like to inform investors that as of November 1, 2018 begins the "transitional period" during the current "limited period" (until 20/12/2020) from investment cycle of the Fund, according to its prospectus. In order to implement the investment strategy and achieve the investment objectives of the Fund, its activity is divided into separate periods, conditionally called "open period" and "limited period".
The units are sold and redeemed without interruption during each period, but DSK Bank (fund’s distributor) applies different fees, according to its Tariff, on behalf of investors for purchase and redemption.

From November 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018 including ("transitional period") the applicable fees for purchase and redemption of units will be 1.00% of NAVU for purchase of units and 2.00% of NAVU for redemption of units, according to the Tariff of DSK Bank.

The prospectus and the document with key information for investors of "DSK Stability - European equities", and other information are available every day from 9:30 am. to 17:00 pm. at the office of the Company at: Sofia, "Alabin" № 36, fl.3;   in branches of "DSK Bank", which distribute the units of the funds within hours of operation and on our website - www.dskam.bg. The information is available in Bulgarian language.

DSK Mutual Funds
Net Asset Value per Unit
DSK StandardBGN1.62360
DSK Euro ActiveEUR1.24940
DSK BalanceBGN1.25014
DSK PropertiesBGN0.88873
DSK GrowthBGN0.90383
DSK Global CompaniesBGN0.92752
DSK DynamicsBGN0.99140
DSK Stability - European equtiesBGN1.20928
DSK Stability - German EquitiesBGN1.13884
DSK Alternative 1BGN1.03516
DSK Alternative 2EUR1.02838
DSK AlternativeBGN1.03933

Net Asset Value
DSK StandardBGN63,353,929.84
DSK Euro ActiveEUR11,282,497.75
DSK BalanceBGN12,423,610.80
DSK PropertiesBGN677,329.71
DSK GrowthBGN17,059,973.81
DSK Global CompaniesBGN6,193,447.23
DSK DynamicsBGN2,909,841.24
DSK Stability - European equtiesBGN6,220,632.14
DSK Stability - German EquitiesBGN5,059,430.82
DSK Alternative 1BGN45,773,192.72
DSK Alternative 2EUR8,139,330.68
DSK AlternativeBGN10,098,903.54

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